2018 Silk Way Rally will start from Xi'an


Almost five months after the finish ceremony of the 2017 Silk Way Rally, with Cyril Despres (PEUGEOT TOTAL TEAM) on top of car category and Dmitry Sotnikov (KAMAZ-MASTER TEAM) leading in trucks, all eyes are turned to the next edition of the race, which will take off from China for the first time.

The eighth start ceremony of the Silk Way Rally will be held in the Chinese city of Xi’an on July 15, 2017 and the finish podium will greet competitors on July 29, 2017 on the Red Square in the heart of Moscow.

Russian general partner of rally, Global Energy Company “Gazprom”, and Chinese leading automotive digital platform, FBLife, have already reaffirmed their commitment to the project for year 2018.


The rally route of next year will be significantly updated, comparing with the ones of 2016 and 2017.

The Silk Way Rally organization Team stay true to their motto: every next race must be better than previous one and contain something new. One of the main targets, set by organizers for reccies team that develop rally route, is to create varied special stages along the ancient Silk Road, while keeping the non-competitive road-sections to their minimum.

Rally Organizers have already picked the most challenging geographic areas with terrains, suitable for rallying, and at the moment they are considering an option of using heavy-lift cargo aircrafts to transport rally competitors, to get the best of the land track and to particularly avoid long-distance road sections.

Besides, the Organization Team have made a decision to postpone the integration of motorcycle category in 2018 in the view of radical changes in rally logistics structure.

Vladimir Chagin, Rally Director:
“Following the results of 2017 edition, Russian President Vladimir Putin acknowledged the excellent work of Rally Organization Team and emphasized the meaning of project for the development of international humanitarian cooperation, strengthening of friendship and mutual understanding between people. We are confident that 2018 Silk Way Rally will become another amazing sporting event of international level as well, attracting not only the leading sportsmen and teams but also millions of TV viewers all over the world.”

Luc Alphand, Competitors Relations Advisor:
“2018 Silk Way Rally is a new step in the evolution of rally-raids. Lots of famous racers from world leading teams, that completed 2017 edition, can’t wait to take a new start. They are ready to join new adventures and a breath-taking struggle of pilots and vehicles for the main trophy – the White Tiger Cup”

Silk Way Rally