Four crews of Blue Armada: KAMAZ-master announced its lineup for 2017 Silk Way Rally


The five-time Silk Way Rally Champion and the strongest rival of truck category on 7th Silk Way Rally edition, KAMAZ-master Team announced the heroes that will take off for a transcontinental race through Russia, Kazakhstan and China.

Four drivers will represent KAMAZ-master on the Red Square Start Ceremony, including the two-time and current SWR Champion Ayrat Mardeev and Eduard Nikolaev, who was the first in 2010.  The gold champion of 2013 Silk Way Rally Dmitry Sotnikov and the experienced pilot Anton Shibalov will also join the fight of this year. 

During the rally these racers from Naberezhnye Chelny will be leaded by the real professional – Sergey Savostin, who brought Ayrat Mardeev to the podium last year. As usual, KAMAZ-master wants nothing but victory, yet Gerard de Rooy from Iveco, several crews on Tatra and three Renault trucks of Mammoet Riwald Rally Sport Team will make an exceptional competition.

KAMAZ-master crews for 2017 Silk Way Rally: 

Eduard Nikolaev – pilot, Evgeniy Yakovlev – co-pilot, Vladimir Rybakov – mechanic

Ayrat Mardeev – pilot, Aydar Belyaev – co-pilot, Dmitry Svistunov – mechanic

Dmitry Sotnikov – pilot, Ruslan Akhmadeev – co-pilot, Ilnur Mustafin – mechanic

Anton Shibalov – pilot, Andrey Mokeev – co-pilot, Dmitry Nikitin – mechanic



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