Silk Way Rally 2017: All you need to know about the route


Nearly 10,000 kilometres between Moscow and the Chinese imperial city of Xi’an, via Kazakhstan: the 2017 Silk Way Rally will be a top level battle between the best and biggest car and truck teams.

50 days from the start it was at the majestic Rits Carlton Hotel, just next door to the famous Red Square, from where the event will leave next 7 July, that the Silk Way Rally organisers revealed the route for the 2017 edition. In the presence of numerous guests, including those champions who could potentially cross the final finish line first in Xi’an next 22 July, Rally Director Vladimir Chagin and his deputy Frédéric Lequien lifted the veil on this 7th edition, which looks like being exceptional from every point of view.

9608 km, 14 stages, 17 specials

After technical scrutineering and administrative checks, scheduled for 5 and 6 July in the Luzhniki Olympic complex and the podium start in the Red Square in Moscow on 7 July, the rally will set off for 3 stages in Russia.

That will be followed by 4 intense days of racing in the vast Kazakhstan steppes. After a first stage in China and the rest day, to be held on 16 July in Ürumqi, the rally moves on to the ‘plat de resistance’ with no less than 7 stages of sand and dunes crossing the redoubtable Gobi Desert, before turning south towards XI’AN, the city that marks the finish of the Silk Way rally.

Apart from several 100% new stages, and so as to reduce as much as possible the time spent in liaison, no less than 3 days of racing will be run over two specials, with a total distance of more than 9,600 Kilomters.

Silk Way Rally