2016 Silk Way Rally organizers hosted at the Kremlin by Vladimir Putin


Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulated Silk Way Rally organizers, represented by Project Director, Vladimir Chagin, as well as drivers Airat Mardeev and Dmitry Sotnikov and their respective crews for their performance on the 2016 edition. Gazprom CEO Alexey Miller and PJSC KAMAZ General Director Sergey Kogogin were also in attendance in the Kremlin.

 “I am happy to welcome you to Moscow, and the Kremlin, to congratulate you on your impressive victory in such a tough competition as the Silk Way Rally,”-said Vladimir Putin, during his opening speech.

The Russian President also mentioned the Russian-Chinese collaboration in a KAMAZ truck (Crew #315 driver Hou Hongning, navigator Shen Xin and mechanic Andrey Mokeev). “It is fascinating that this is the first time you have employed a mixed Russian-Chinese crew. Judging by what I saw and read, the Silk Way Rally turned out to be even more difficult than the Dakar Rally. The vehicles were nearly faultless, despite several difficult moments in the rally. From the bottom of my heart, I sincerely, congratulate you and wish you continued success in the future.”

Silk Way Rally project leader, Vladimir Chagin, said this about the race: “Mr. President, your appreciation of our work, efforts and results is very important to us. It has special significance for us, knowing that we managed to complete such a long rally over two continents and three countries. We are very grateful to you Mr. Miller for supporting the rally that stretched to the east, saying let’s do more, let’s get bigger. All three governments gave us the necessary assistance, and in just a few months a tremendous amount of work was accomplished organising the project. Everything went well.”

2016 Silk Way Rally organizers hosted at the Kremlin by Vladimir Putin

The sixth Silk Way Rally from Moscow to Beijing, began on July 8th and finished on the 24th traversing the territories of Russia and China and Kazakhstan.

The total length was a record – 10,734 km for the crews to negotiate over two weeks.

Speaking about the race results Gazprom CEO, Alexey Miller mentioned that such a big project attracts participants from around the world, and creates a positive reputation for the Russian Federation, providing the basis for cooperation with countries in various areas.

At the conclusion of the meeting Vladimir Chagin reported to the President that preparations are already underway for the next edition of the 2017 Silk Way Rally, which will take place next July. The route details will be announced in the very near future.

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