Silk Way Rally stage 12, Jiayuguan to Alashan


After yesterday's stage was canceled, the participants leave today from Jiayuguan to finish in Alashan after  667km. But before they can start the special they will have to travel 183km by road to the start.


The special itself will count 425km and it will be the longest special in China. Besides being the longest special, the participants will drive thru an ocean of dunes before they can appear at the finish. The first part will mainly be fast, however, careful with navigation with many changes of direction, often visible at the last moment! The many lakes that hide in the dunes will give participants a breathtaking view. After the sandy track the participants dive into the valley for the last part of the special.

After the finish of the special stage, the participants have to drive for 58km to arrive at the bivouac in Alashan.

Who will be the strongest in the dunes? And who come into trouble? Later today we will know it!


Silk Way Rally