Kaiser back on top after strong second stage win in Tuareg Rallye 2018


Thorsten Kaiser has been strong for many years in the Tuareg Rallye and this year is no different. The German rider went on his way to victory with a seven minute margin on Monday. After five hours Kaiser finished in the dunes of Merzouga where the race will be continued tomorrow.

French veteran Dominique Robin caught up with Kaiser in the second part of the stage and followed him through the final section in the dunes.  Robin was just over a minute faster than Janiko Naber, winner of the first stage. Mathieu Delmotte recovered a bit of his defeat in the first stage by finishing fourth. Kay-Arne Bulsink came home fifth and is aiming for more in the next stages through the dunes. Mirco Bettini took his second win in the Motorbike Expert-category.

Clemens Eicker took a big win with the quads by finishing over two hours earlier than other competitors. Patrick Robin came in second before Ben Scallan and Giovanni Stefani. Jaroslaw Kalinowski had a big crash in the second part of the stage and it is unknown if he can continue in the rest of the race.

After problems with the turbocharger in the first stage, Team Lipponen hit back hard in the second stage of the race. They finished first with a margin of 16 minutes over Ronald and Wendy Broomans. Apart from a small hick-up in the dunes they had a perfect day and are looking forward to the dunes that are coming in the next days. The Dutch duo Strik and Thijssens were strong in the Car Expert-category and won for the second time.

Tuesday marks the day of the Kings Stage where traditionally big gaps will be caused between the riders. The stage is full of dunes after a small section of piste.  

TRG18 Leg2 0001
TRG18 Leg2 0055
TRG18 Leg2 0094
TRG18 Leg2 0063
TRG18 Leg2 0132
TRG18 Leg2 0191
TRG18 Leg2 0220
TRG18 Leg2 0242
TRG18 Leg2 0316
TRG18 Leg2 0359
TRG18 Leg2 0371
TRG18 Leg2 0386
TRG18 Leg2 0142
TRG18 Leg2 0557
TRG18 Leg2 0476
TRG18 Leg2 0607
TRG18 Leg2 0926
TRG18 Leg2 0964
TRG18 Leg2 0992
TRG18 Leg2 0847
TRG18 Leg2 1008
TRG18 Leg2 1067
TRG18 Leg2 1035
TRG18 Leg2 1095
TRG18 Leg2 1126
TRG18 Leg2 1182
TRG18 Leg2 1160
TRG18 Leg2 1242
TRG18 Leg2 1323
TRG18 Leg2 1263
TRG18 Leg2 1354
TRG18 Leg2 1426
TRG18 Leg2 1578
TRG18 Leg2 1649
TRG18 Leg2 1684
TRG18 Leg2 1716
TRG18 Leg2 1736
TRG18 Leg2 0038
TRG18 Leg2 0025

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