Start of special stage kept a secret


Competitors in the OiLibya Rally do not get to know the start of the special stage before they take off from the bivouac to get to the special stage. By keeping the exact location of the start a secret the organizers of the rally make it more difficult to the top teams to have a look at the special beforehand by their ‘mapman’. 

Professional teams like KTM, Mini, Toyota and Peugeot all have a mapman who analyses the roadbook by using tools like Google Earth. The mapman is of great help to the navigators. But when the starting point is unknown, it is almost impossible to the mapman or navigator to start analysing the track. A note at (for example) 3 kms from the start is useless if you don't know where to begin. 

Teams like Mini and Peugeot were not amused by the trick of the OiLibya organizers to keep the start a secret. 

OiLibya Rally