Mammoet Rallysport aiming high in OiLibya Rally


With two trucks Mammoet Rallysport takes part in the OiLibya Rally, which starts Monday at Zagora. Both Martin van den Brink and Pascal de Baar are aiming high. “We are obliged to our partners to show some good results. That’s what we are here for. The days for just testing are over.”

Over the year a lot of work has been done to improve the Renault. That’s why it will be interesting to see where the Dutch team stands. Pascal de Baar, driver of the second truck, explains: “First of all, we are going to the Dakar Rally. It has never been a question for us as it was the deal with our main sponsors Mammoet and Eurol. If possible we will also take part in the Libya Rally and the Silk Way Rally.

“Our developer Mario Kress has worked hard to improve the trucks. The turbo system has changed to provide 10% extra horsepower. But we didn’t take it to the limit because of durability and operational safety. The axles have been stabilized, we have a new braking system that allows us to brake harder, and a major improvement also was to change to Reiger suspension.

“By using kevlar we were able to make the truck 800 kilos lighter. Theoretically we should be 20% faster than last year, even when we try to reach a level like De Rooy has. That is what we should aim for.”

Mammoet Rallysport gets more and more support from its partners. “They are very enthusiastic about having a Renault in the Dakar. Renault, ZF (gear box), Meritor (brakes) and Axletech are doing their utter best to help us improve an become even more professional. We cannot let them down and that’s why we aim at having at least one truck in the top 10 in the Dakar.” 

OiLibya Rally