OiLybia Marocco: Let's go beyond your limits


Once again, the OiLibya Rally of Morocco is placed under the High Patronage of His Majesty King Mohammed VI. It will take place from 3rd to 9th October 2015 to Zagoraat Agadir after the unavoidable checks and scrutineering.

It is a real enthusiasm to the OiLibya Rally of Morocco to which we assit. The four families of the rally-raid discipline massively answered the call of the organizer and unanimously, teams, preparers, rental companies ... have quality pilots and crews for this autumnal event in Africa.

This rally-raid will be the final of the FIM Cross-Country Rallies World Championship and the last event of the FIA Cross-Country World Cup. For the hundred of concurrents entered in the Rally, motivations are differents, but all amateurs or professionals participants, well find a place in order to perform the five stages of this new edition of the OiLibya Rally of Morocco.

The diversity of the ground remains the leitmotiv of tracers who, for months worked on the Moroccan tracks to give each stage, character and specificity both in terms of piloting and in terms of navigation.

Satisfy all participants, professionals and amateurs is also the priority of the organizer NPO Events who proposes year on year various stages. Anxious also to meet the expectations of the participants, NPO Events team whose seriousness and expertise make its reputation, capitalizing on a quality rally to maintain its credentials.

Hence the loyalty of the teams, the massive arrival of new concurrents and sensitives to the interest in learning. It is said, the OiLibya Rally of Morocco is built for everyone, in a spirit of conviviality with its impeccable safe side.

This explains the massive landing of the candidates, the elite of the discipline but also and especially amateurs, happy to compete with major of these championships. In Morocco, two bikes-quads-ssv categories and two cars categories will differentiate: FIM / Enduro Cup (Bike/Quad) and FIA / Open (Car/SSV/Truck). In this way, the doors are wide open for those wishing to start, learn or ride with more or less pressure in Rallye-Raid.

Each participant can take the start the next day if, the mechanics unleashed in the day's stage! On Morocco, we drive and we take the same pleasure with the penalty that is necessary.

The titles will play it !

On two wheels and Quad, Morocco will celebrate the FIM Cross-Country Rallies World Championship after an eventful season. You can say, sports retire unexpectedly announced by Marc Coma allows complete redistribution of the cards.

This is the OiLibya Rally of Morocco that will sink the nail 2015 ... It is jostling at the gate between HRC Honda, KTM, Sherco, Yamaha, Husqvarna newcomer to the rally-raid landscape... 4 wheels side, X-Raid and Overdrive will be spearhead with their top drivers. Behind these giants, it is jostling with the firm hope to create a surprise and upset the hierarchy granted too hastily.

All of these teams and crews will be announced later, each team ends his preparation in order to perfect his team to be the greatest and the more uniform as possible on this OiLibya Morocco. The OiLibya of Morocco is next October! Closing of entries in a month ... a little patience before revelation of qualitative and quantitative sets that will host the 2015 edition.

OiLibya Rally