Join the NeoRaid Rally Team in 2016!


Many of us dream about entering a 24-hour race or a world class marathon but only few carry out that idea. There are many obstacles on the way –smaller ones, like the necessity of owning a car or having a service team, and more serious problems like organization of the whole expedition and numerous formalities. All of that requires time and –last but not least –money. 

NeoRaid team, which has already organized many appearances in Dakar, Silk Way Rally, World Cup races and 24-hour competitions, prepared an offer for those who would like to taste off-road on the European or world level but have not enough time or have too much on their heads to organize the race on their own. 

In the machine park of NeoRaid Team there are two BMW T1.2 race cars manufactured in the German X-Raid service, whose cars dominated the recent Dakar editions. BMW X3CC owned by the team is not much different from the famous MINI All4 Racing as far as construction is concerned, while a bit older BMW X5CC is an example of a perfectly finetuned race car renowned for its reliability. 

A similar in shape, yet a little lower and very fast buggy BMW ProPulsion is parked next to them. It was constructed by French specialists from Sadev, who gave it Nissan aspirated engine created by Vincent Foucart, whose specialty are 24-hour races. 

All three cars came from race stables enjoying public recognition. They are continually maintained and kept in good working condition by the mechanics of NeoRaid Team, who are in regular contact with their creators. One of the rules applied during service works is exclusive use of original spare parts and components and total avoidance of the so-called „substitutes”, which are only an ostensible economy and carry the risk of diminished resilience and construction errors. 

For that reason the three race cars belonging to the team are composed only of components produced by the leading world class manufacturers such as Reiger, Sadev or X-track, although they present a major challenge to the logistics department due to their high price and low availability. Nevertheless, they guarantee that the cars will not fail us far away from home on the route of some long special stage.

Another element which reinforces that guarantee are trainings conducted by race cars constructors and components suppliers and received by the technical team of NeoRaid Team. Polish mechanics spent almost 3 months in X-Raid company, where under the guidance of specialists they were constructing BMW X3 CC ready for start. During their few days’ stay in the central office of Sadeva they learnt how to repair failures and select settings of gearboxes and differentials. 

Another company, Reiger, delegated to our seat a technician, who provided a training on repair and regulation of wonderful, yet also very difficult in operation shock absorbers produced by Reiger. 

During a race such as Dakar service experts from NeoRaid Team can easily communicate with experts from the companies named above, what in turn helps them determine the nature of damage and repair the failures during several hours of the night. -It is the ambition of our team to maintain our cars in perfect working order, so that only a mistake of the driver of a serious accident had the power to exclude the competitor from the race –says Piotr Beaupre, head of  NeoRaid Team. 

''We pride ourselves on the fact that almost 100% of drivers using our BMW X3CC and X5CC reach the finishing line. Also BMW ProPulsion, which was highly exploited when we purchased it, yet after a racing season and a year of work of our mechanics it also earned its own reliability guarantee. The car completed Baja Poland 2015 and won its class, while in November 2015 it completed a 24-hour rally in Portugal with the best lap time during the whole competition.''

The major event in the plans of the team for 2016 season is a two weeks’ marathon Silk Way Rally (8-24 July). During that rally the competitors will race on the route between Moscow and Beijing. That event attracts the strongest teams in the world and is a strong competition for the famous Dakar. 

The fight in the wilderness of Russia, Kazakhstan and China may turn out to be even more exciting than rivalry in Northern America or Africa. NeoRaid Rally Team, which has participated in SWR three time so far, intends to use BMW X3CC this time, while BMW X5CC is waiting for the daredevils, who want to experience the adventure of their lives. 

Choosing "All Inclusive" package the client will get a race car ready for start serviced by a professional team of mechanics. The client will also have services a team manager at his disposal, who will take of care of all formalities (registration, documents, fees) and practical issues (accommodation, meals, flights). Both BMW race cars may also participate in any round of the World Cup FIA 2016, which does not collide with Silk Way Rally.  

A cheaper and definitely less time consuming alternative (one free weekend is all it takes) is participation in one of the five 24-hour off-road races organized in Europe and Africa. 

NeoRaid Team has already taken part in these events and it has a machine which is able to compete with the best. In November 2015 during the rally 24 Horas TT Vila de Fronteira in Portugal the Polish BMW ProPulsion was in 21st position and confirmed its great potential during rivalry for the pole position, when it finished the rally 4th (among 80 cars participating in the race) and achieved the best lap time during the whole competition. 

The Polish team was reinforced by Pedro Dias da Silva from Portugal, leader of the overall national ranking Baja Portalegre 500. He complimented the Polish team at the finish: '' 24H TT Fronteira was a wonderful race. I’m proud that I could be a part of such professional team as NeoRaid Team, and I thank them for making it possible. I congratulate my teammates: Piotr, Edgar and Carlos. Anyone who reaches the finish in such rally is a winner. I hope that we will again meet soon!''

During the 2016 season,  there will be at least five 24-hour races: in Sardinia (24 Ore Tout Terrain D'Italia, 1-3rd April 2016), in Morocco (24H Off Road Maroc,7-13th May 2016), in Poland (GORM 24h Race, 19-20th August), in France (24H Tout Terrain de France, September 2016 and in Portugal (24 Horas TT Vila de Fronteira, November 2016). 

BMW ProPulsion may take part in each of these events. The only condition is assembling the team, that is 3-4 competitors, who will take turns every couple of hours to drive the car (although there are competitors who choose not to share the drive with other competitors and drive on their own for full 24 hours). Everyone who ever participated in a 24-hours off-road race remembers it as one of the most extraordinary adventures of his life. Many hours’ competition with rivals and your own weaknesses, in the light of the day and darkness of the night, in changeable weather and growing exhaustion is as very serious challenge. 

Apart from that 24-hour rallies create wonderful atmosphere – the route of the race in Portugal was marked out around a race camp full of catering tents. Numerous teams organized banquets for their supporters and friends, where people followed the struggle on the route. A spectacular fireworks show took place at midnight. 

If you are interested in entering a race with race cars rented from NeoRaid Rally Team in season 2016 contact us: 
Team Manager Piotr Wyczyński
+48 502 136 191
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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