Rallye Breslau Poland 2018 - Day 8: the endgame!


After a fantastic stage today Marcin Talaga is the first quadrider to arrive at the finish, followed by Aidas Bubinas on his KTM motorbike and Aleksander Piorczynski on quad, riding in his ‘backyard’. There is a big celebration at the finishline, ahead of the pricegiving ceremony tonight!

Jaroslaw Andrzejewski has a lot of fun racing his Toyota, but today he has mixed feelings. ‘We lost time early in the race and we are catching up, day by day. If we make it today, I don’t know.’ They need a little help to make a good overal result, but beating Grzegorz Brochocki in the Dacia Duster seems impossible.

‘We break the system!’ cheers Grzegorz, finishing today as 4th vehicle and likely winning the rally in the Car Cross Country class with the humble little Dacia. ‘It was not easy, I had a crash yesterday that damaged the steering and on wednesday we lost the rear wheel drive. But the car performs super, with the 2.0 diesel engine it is like a dream to race!

Richard Oguez and Tobi Henschel from France and Germany ended up together after Patrick Sylvain had to go home. Even though they don’t understand each other they make a great race. Today they almost loose their excellent result so far when they lost the brakes. ‘I wanted to stop,’ says Richard, ‘but Tobi kept me going. I cannot believe what we have done, racing together without speaking each others language. This is the Breslau spirit!’

Rick and Paul de Wit win the standard or limited class with their Pajero EVO. ‘We bought it last year, not knowing what kind of car we had. And in the Netherlands on the beach we found out it was quite fast, but this result is something we never expected!’ They received help from Breslau winner Ton Stoker, who had to abandon earlier in the week with engine problems.

Jim Marsden and Helder Da Rocha race all week, nose to nose with the young Romain Prochere and Christian Fraisse. In the end Jim is able to extend his lead over Romain and win the Rallye Breslau Poland in the Car Extreme Class. Third are Franck Daurelle and Francoise Hollender after they break the arms on their front axle early in the stage: it is not their edition this year, but the third place is a testament to perseverance and endurance.

Sporting spirit we saw in the Car Extreme class, when Fritz Becker lost his winch and Eike Hennis decided to help him and bring him to the finishline. Two Mercedes G wagon prototypes approached the finishline, side by side and a celebration of motorsport and mutual help in competition. No one finishes the Rallye Breslau Poland alone!

In the truck class the competitors had a comfortable distance to each other, so today everyone expected an easy day. ‘But we are here for the speed!’ says Kay, pushing the pedal to the metal and flying his MAN KAT over the stage. ‘There were several newcomers and teams that we had to be careful with, but we managed to finish every day and do a great race!’

Patrick Toepfer raced his fast Unimog, driving together with Breslau winner Alfred Wemhoff and Danny Heyde. He was alone this year, after Steffen Braun had to abandon due to technical problems on his new truck. For next year, already several teams have announced to support and enter the Breslau together, so we expect to see more competition in the small truck class.

Matthias Koerber hit the throttle today, finishing in between the fastest cars with his former firetruck, an ÖAF 4x4. He is the fastest truck in the Cross Country class, ahead of Hans van Geest and Carsten Felten who were not able to start today.

Tonight the pricegiving ceremony will be held on the shores of the lake near Gwda Wielka, a celebration of 8 days of endurance offroad racing in the heart of Europe, on the tracks and in the forest of Poland.

Final results

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