Breslau Poland - DAY 6: Racing towards the sunset


Leaving Drawsko Pomorski the teams say goodbye to this fantastic region. The Rallye Breslau Poland moves to the north-west, to the second stage of today and the last bivouac in Gwda Wielka. Starting in the afternoon in Drawsko, it took until 17:30 before the first competitor started in the superfast and sandy second stage on the Czarne polygon. Here the evening light created a magic feeling for the competitors, as they were racing towards the sunset..

Remy Kusy opened the track today, chasing the fastest overall time set by Nikke Harkjaer. In the Cross Country ranking the quads take the lead, with fantastic speed and sportmanship. Marcin Talaga joins their battle after the first stage, showing excellent speed on the Czarne Polygon, making a place for himself in between the two front runners. Remy Kusy had the disadvantage of opening the stage, finishing as third rider in Gwda Mala. 

Tomasz Wojtyra in his Can AM and Jaroslaw Andrzejewski in the fast Toyota are chasing each other for the fastest time on four wheels. Both have experience in the sand and with the navigation, and the battle between these two Polish teams racing on their own soil is fantastic. Even though Tomasz wins the stage, Jaroslaw is smiling from ear to ear after the stage. It was a fast and succesful day for him with almost 15 minutes lead over the next competitor in Car Cross Country.

The evening light over the Czarne Polygon is beautiful, showing the colors of the moorland, the flowers and the forest. Not all racers will recognize this, but part of the Rallye Breslau Poland is the adventure, the driving pleasure and the ability to see beautiful places otherwise closed for the general public. Drawsko Pomorski has this flair, just as the Czarne area. These places have seen all sides of the recent history, and the Rallye Breslau Poland fills them with international competition and friendship.

In the Extreme Class Romain Porchere leads the stage all the way from Drawsko to Czarne, flying with his white-blue proto. All the front runners from yesterday had issues - Franck Daurelle’s engine took water in the ‘Ladoga’ swamp, Jim Marsden had to help his assistance on the route and the Hertwig brothers lost almost 1:30h in Drawsko - today shows that in the Breslau anything can happen!

It was fantastic!'' Marzena Kaczmarek is cheering at the finishline, ‘We had such a great day! After yesterdays problems, now we took our revenge!'' The little yellow trophy car is piloted by Marzena and navigated by her fiancé, Bartosz Kulpinski. ''We race together because it brings us together. To be in the mud, to be sweaty and dirty and to achieve goals together. And on a day like this, it is perfect!''

Kay Messner wins the Extreme Truck class today, ahead of Patrick Toepfer (Unimog) and Thomas Pohle (IFA). the trucks fly across the stage today, with only a few special extreme points and mostly fast flowing sand and forest tracks. ‘It was a fast day, very nice driving with the truck!’ according to a cheerful Kay at the finishline. His MAN KAT is far from standard, but still a basic and tough army truck and accessible for everyone who knows to handle a pair of spanners.

Tomorrow, the competitors drive two stages around the villages of Dretyn and Bobolice. Heading north they go deep into the forests, on old and sinuous tracks that offer a fantastic riding experience before reaching modern wood production areas with their remarkable logging tracks. In the second half of the stage the landscape changes, with fast long straights, open spaces and speed before reaching the finish line near Kawcze.

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