Dubai Baja: 20 motorcycles and 8 quads will raise the curtain on the 2017 FIM Bajas World Cup!


A breath of spring is in the air in Dubai for this day of administrative and technical controls at the Bab Al Shams Arena hotel complex that will be hosting the Race CP during the Dubai International Baja.
Pictures: MCH & Rallyzone

The mercury has settled at around 25°C, to the delight of the European competitors, but during the two days of racing, it is expected to climb up to 30°C. The 20 FIM motorcyclists, the 8 quad riders and the two non-FIM motorcyclists (riding machines with more than 450cc) should therefore be careful to keep hydrated as they cross this magnificent Dubai desert along a course strewn with dunes, small and large, trails and Sebkhas…

The riders’ briefing, held at 18h00 on the dot, was followed one hour later by the time-honoured ritual whereby the riders cross the start podium under the flag of Mohammed Bin Sulayem. At 19h30’, the riders received their road books and were able to start the colouring exercise that makes the various direction changes and dangers easier to see.

Tomorrow, the first motorcycle is scheduled to set out at 8h30’ but there is a strong likelihood that fog could delay the start of the special as, for safety reasons, if the helicopters cannot fly, the race is unable to start. After the first special, the motorcycles and quads will refuel and remain in the parc fermé to allow time for Friday prayers. 

The start of the second special will be given at 13h30’, when the sun will be high in the sky and the riders will have to be very careful crossing the white dunes as there will be little visible relief.

Alessandro Ruoso (KTM) ©RallyZone


Friday 10 March 

First stage: Dubai Desert 

Link section: 31.78 km - Special 1: 91,66 km – Special 2: 82.24 km – Link section: 31.63 km - Total: 237.31 km

Saturday 11 March 

Second stage: Dubai Desert 

Link section: 32.56 km - Special: 174.20 km – Link section: 31.63 km - Total: 238.39 km