Croatia Rally - Dalmatia 2016


From Saturday morning the scrutineering will open for the 4th edition of Croatia Rally-Dalmatia 2016 that will start Sunday afternoon with the prologue and will continue for five days, until May, 27th. 

Riders are arriving to Primosten, and the Zora Hotel will be again the logistics base of the entire competition. 76 riders will partecipate to this fourth edition TRX, ready to compete on the famous gravelroads of Dalmatia, following the road book that Marco Borsi has prepared for them. A roadbook that, in these last days, Marco Borsi has fined tune and rechecked, correcting little mistakes and concentrating on the special tests,two every day, that riders will face.

Of the 76 riders engaged 17 of them are rookies, and the women on the race this year are three. With the exception of the Krka Enduro Raid the most here are the German riders, that they quite represent the 43percent of the participants, followed from the Austrians and the Slovaks who represent the 12 percent each group. Then there are the Swisses, the Italians, the Dutch and the Czechs too.

At the start this year the Austrian, Ferdinand Kreidl, who had obtained the third place on the overall in edition 2015, at the end of a frenetic fight with the italian Andrea Tronconi, winner last year, and Stefano Fasani, second in the overall.

Kreidl will start with number 3 on his Ktm and behind him there will be Stefan Hessler, one of the best friend of Croatia, that in occasion of the Krka Enduro Raid 2016 has been enduro instructor of the Training Camp. Hessler will race with number 7 on his Suzuki, prepared from himself, like tradition.

The three women in contest this year will be Serena Borsi (Husqvarna), Domenica Saul(Husaberg) both already on the race in the last edition and the German, Tanja Willmann on Ktm.

The race will be opened with a day and half of scrutineering, saturday and sunday morning, while 22 May, sunday, after a short briefing, previewed for 2 p.m., riders at 4 p.m. will face the prologue: a kind of training that will be revealed very useful in sight of the first stage, the day after, when they'll start from Primosten, in Rudina square, at 8 a.m. 

The Croatia Rally will measure 1300 total kilometers in 4 days, with a prologue too:four stages because wednesdays, 25 May, as tradition, will be the rest day for all the rally.