Libya Rally 2016 news update


An epic route of 2800 km in 7 days and hardly any “liaison”; starting at the shores of the Atlantic Ocean and a finishing at the Mediterranean Sea. We knew that the 2016 edition of the Libya Rally -Extreme Desert Challenge- would interest many racers, but never could we have imagined it would be so successful. With still 4 months to go, 340 people have already registered (rally / raid / assistance) which is already more than the previous edition. Whoever would like to secure one of the remaining 60 seats, at the current interesting price (valid until 31st December) better speed up!

The battle of the monster trucks

With no less than 20 registered race trucks, Libya Rally can without doubt be called one of the biggest events in rally-raid truck racing. Traditionally this category was 100% dominated by Dutch and Belgian teams, but this is changing as teams from other countries are signing up, the most famous one being Elisabete Jacinto, the Portugese professional female truck racer. 

Just like in South-America, the top-10 is controlled by many Dutch trucks: Mammoet Rally Sport with their 2 Renault trucks with automatic gearboxes, team Riwald with the fast Tatra & the Ginaf, Schoonesdakar with the DAF(S), and many others. Belgium will be represented by 4 MAN trucks & 1 Iveco. Paul Kretz from Austria will also race aboard his MAN. 

As a result of the numerous registrations, the 2016 edition will have a separate ranking for trucks. 


Bikes & Quads: an international breakthrough

Numbers are also rapidly growing for motorbikes & quads, all in the RallyPRO-category. We’re nearly at 50! Too many names to mention, but what’s new are the large number of nationalities this year (more than 10 already). We welcome the Brits from Desert Rose Racing, the Swedes from Rally Raid Sweden, the French from the X’trem Goupil / Asiawing team (all Chinese motorbikes), the Italians from the Enduro Tuscany Team, the Spaniards from Aventura Touareg and of course the many Dutch riders from the Rallymaniacs, Memotours , EAO, , etc. Apart from these, many more professional assistance teams have offered their services. More info on our website.


Heavy artillery with the cars, buggies & SSV’s

Here we’ve also reached the cape of 50 vehicles which means a beautiful competition is already guaranteed. Many different types of cars & buggies have registered: many FIA certified race cars, but also some “standard or lightly modified” Toyota Landcruisers, Landrover Defenders and Wrangler Jeeps, both for the rally as well as for the Discovery Raid category. 

The most eye-catching vehicles are of course the many proto’s & full blood race cars: the Toyota Overdrives, the Bowlers and Desert Warriors. This year they’ve got competition from a Dutch-Spanish team with 4 Mitsubishi Evo ’s, a couple of Mc Rae’s from the ProDakar team and 4 pick-up Landcruiser ORD’s.

Needless to say that the 7 SSV’s will also play an important role, especially seeing the score of Thierry Gerome in the last edition (3rd place – General ranking). A couple of participants will arrive at the start in Agadir with the very latest state-of-the-art Polaris RZR 1000 with Turbo. It looks like we’ll have a serious battle next April. 

So far for this update. The first 2 reccies are successfully finished; the road books are good to print and will soon be checked during our 3rd scouting tour. Morocco & Libya Rally 2016, here we come! 


And finally, just like every year Libya Rally 2016 will stand for:

  • Safety first: 1 or 2 helicopters, 4x4 ambulances, a reanimation unit & a large medical staff.
  • 7 Dakar-worthy stages with an average of 350-400 kilometers per day; all off-road, so nearly no “liaisons”. 
  • Great variation when it comes to landscapes: Libya Rally is a real cross-country rally. 
  • Perfect FIA-style road books, personally written by our race director Jean-Claude Kaket (14xDakar, finished 12/14). All roadbooks are verified three times and are written according to FIA/FIM regulations. Motorbikers get them on a roll. 
  • Recovery of vehicles and injured racers is being guaranteed by a large fleet of sweeper trucks and medics. 
  • Briefings in 4 different languages and a unique atmosphere of competition on the race track but team spirit and fun in the camp every night. 
  • Fingerlicking good catering, never seen before on a rally. No French breakfast (bread butter, jam) or couscous every day, but massive breakfast, freshly made sandwiches on checkpoints and 3-course meals in the evening, including smoked salmon, big BBQ’s, chateaubriand, Belgian beers, good wines, etc. 


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