Wanted: female teams for cross-country rally!


This year onna-onna rally team ‘Les Gazelles’ was the first ever all-female team to participate in the Libya Rally. They even managed to finish as part of the top 25%. 

Pilot Sascha Bloemhoff and co-pilot Yvette Olde Monnikhof think it is about time for some female competition and for a higher number of women participating in cross-country rally’s and the automotive sector. They do not see reasons why women would not be able to excel.

Les Gazelles Challenge
Gert Duson, founder and director of the Morocco Desert Challenge (previously named Libya Rally) was inspired by the initiative and started ‘Les Gazelles Challenge’. A special female ranking named after Les Gazelles, the first ‘all-female’ rally team. “The participation of a women team was very well received”, explains Gert Duson. “The organisation will even be the first sponsor for all-female teams who want to take up the challenge. We offer them a discount of 50% on the registration fee!”

The Morocco Desert Challenge
The next edition of the Morocco Desert Challenge will be from 15 to 22 April 2017. Again a spectacular cross-country rally guaranteeing a large variety of beautiful landscapes. Participants will race over beaches and endless plains and through mountains, deserts and the majestic sand dunes of the Moroccan Sahara. An unforgettable adventure of 2400 kilometers in one week. 


Wil you take up the challenge?
If you also want to prove that off-road racing isn’t just a man’s thing, you can register for the next edition of the Morocco Desert Challenge! You will compete against the top teams and in a separate female ranking at the same time: “Les Gazelles Challenge”. Female teams receive a 50% discount on the registration fee. 

Interested? More information will be provided on www.moroccodesertchallenge.com or during one of the information evenings the will be held throughout Europe in September. The Dutch session will be on 22 September in Vessem and the ladies of onna-onna rallyteam Les Gazelles will be present.

Onna-onna rallyteam
Teamcaptain Sascha: “We started the first all-female rally team, including female mecanics and team management, to show that women are also perfectly capable of participating in extreme rally’s and to offer the opportunity to build experience. It is our goals to promote women in the automotive sector and rally sport. Therefore we are very happy that our main sponsor onna-onna, a financial service provider for women, helps us pave the way to make a difference.  The fact that Gert Duson is adding a female ranking named after us is a wonderful encouragement for our mission the help women dream bigger and realise their dreams.” 



Morocco Desert Challenge