Gert Duson: It was a good rally


Libya Rally director Gert Duson is a happy man at the finish. Except for an incident regarding waypoints and the gps (on the first day) he looks back on a good rally. “Everybody is safe and sound and says they had a great week. So yes: when my competitors are happy, I’m happy.”

Duson is right about the enthusiasm of the competitors. Of course the ones who just missed out on a victory for whatever reason will be looking for a reason. But for the rest of the people there’s just smiling faces and compliments for the routes, the roadbooks and the atmosphere in the bivouacs. 


Everything in between

“It is difficult to describe the satisfaction at the finish, also with myself,” Duson tells. “We started the Libya Rally in 2008, when the Dakar was cancelled, with 35 people in the rally. And now we have 500 people in the bivouac: competitors, assistance, media, organization. The race consists of all kinds of vehicles, from a standard car to a high-class Dakar truck and everything in between. That makes me proud.”


Hot competition

The competition was hot until the last minute. Still in the final stage the rankings changed, sometimes dramatically. “It is good to see that competitors are fighting for every minute, or even seconds. We had quite a hard rally, with challenging routes and navigation. It’s a pleasure to see everybody enjoyed it, from beginning amateur to experienced semi-professional. A lot has happened. None of the winners, none of all the competitors actually, got it for free.”

The plans for next year are still ‘under construction’ but Duson has many ideas and also got many new impulses the last week. “The rally will be in the same week next year, but about the route I cannot tell too much yet, except that it will be challenging again without losing the atmosphere that belongs to the Libya Rally.”


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