MKR to build three trucks for 2017 Dakar


The Czech MKR Technology team is going to build three Renault Trucks racing specials for the 2017 Dakar Rally. In addition to the Mammoet Rallysport team, they newly entered co-operation with the Riwald Dakar team, creating large alliance for the famous race. Third pilot on the K 520 special constructed at the North Bohemia-based technology centre will be Gert Huzink.

Constructing abilities of the Czech MKR Technology team have enchanted the Dutch pilots. Originally, the team built two trucks for Mammoet Rallysport, now there will be a third special dispatched to the country of tulips, and for no one else than the Riwald Dakar ensemble. Furthermore, all three crews have agreed on common support and co-operation, and so the Dakar line-up is bound to be really strong in 2017. After all, Gert Huzink is no newcomer. “We built a racing powertrain for Gert as well as for the Czech Bonver Dakar Project this year. However, Gert was so excited that he decided to take the co-operation further, and we agreed on building a complete racing truck for him next year,“ announced the hot news Mario Kress, MKR Adventure boss and chief constructor. 

Huzink was driving a Tatra Pheonix at this year’s Dakar, but unfortunately the world’s toughest rally ended prematurely for him in the penultimate stage, as his truck caught fire. He had a similar plight as Martin van den Brink, with Dakar showing its dark side to both pilots. After three years of racing in the passenger car category, Huzink got into the truck cockpit. “At the moment I am enjoying driving a truck more than a car. Last year our goal was to finish the race, but now we prefer focusing on the result. This year was not really a success, but I believe we’ll do much better next year,“ wishes Gert Huzink, also the winner of the Libya Rally 2015. 

New acquisition of the MKR Technology team only proves the special skills of constructors from the North-Bohemian town of Židovice. This year was the first ever that a Dakar special built on the Renault Trucks platform and the K 520 4x4 model with automatic gear-box managed to win a Dakar stage this year. In total, Pascal de Baar brought the truck to the finish on the fantastic sixth place and confirmed its status of the best Czech truck in the field. “A breakthrough at the hardest rally in the world is an immense challenge for us. We wished to rank in the top ten this year and despite all misfortune, this plan turned out well for us. We’re happy that our technology raises interest. However, there’s still lot to improve and work on. The new acquisition will help us develop still new and better technologies and gradually find our place in the very top. Our plans are not modest, I admit. We want to win the Dakar one day, and you need a huge portion of good luck for that, so I’ll refrain from making bold statements. Anyway, our trucks have what it takes to challenge the very best,“ said the proud Mario Kress.