Never give up: Adam Malysz / Xavier Panseri


Adam Malysz and Xavier Panseri also had to ‘drive’ all night. The clutch of their MINI ALL4 Racing broke in the early stages of the special stage and they stranded until a service truck came by, salvaged them and towed them all the way to the finish of the special stage. “We crossed all the way points and the finish line,” said Panseri. Consequently, they may continue and start into the eighth stage, tomorrow.  

Flooded streets stop service vehicles

Some of the X-raid service vehicles had to spend the night on the road from Uyuni to Salat. Due to the heavy rain, a river jumped its banks and flooded the road that consequently was blocked by the police. Our team members were told that it can take between two hours and two days until the road will be cleared again. Fortunately, they were allowed to again hit the road at 03:00hrs tonight – after having left Uyuni at 04:00hrs yesterday night. 


Maximum points for Salta

For the mechanics, Salta is the most popular bivouac – for several reasons. The teams are standing on tarmac or grass and consequently, the mechanics haven’t any problems with sand or dust in their gear. If it doesn’t rain, it´s like that. But if it rains you are standing knee-deep in the mud. As the bivouac has been erected next to an exhibition centre, there are proper toilets and showers available. And what’s even more important: free WIFI for the contact to the loved ones at home! 


Rest day in Salta – but for whom? 

For the most of us, the term ‘rest day’ means day of relaxation. After all, the competitors don’t have to race, on this day. But those who visit a bivouac on a day of rest will quickly realise that it’s anything but calm, there. The mechanics use the day to extensively check all the vehicles, change important components and prepare everything for the second week. Meanwhile, the drivers and navigators can sleep late but afterwards, they also have to work. Many journalists are in the bivouac, on this day, and want to talk to the pairings. And in the afternoon, the co-drivers get their road books and have to prepare them for the forthcoming stage