2016 Dakar: First special stage cancelled for X-raid


The first special stage – part of the stage from Rosario to Villa Carlos Paz – was cancelled for all the categories. The cancellation was caused by the bad weather that prevented the helicopters from taking off as the flying helicopters are obligatory to make sure that helpers can be on site quickly, in the case off an emergency.

Nasser Al-Attiyah: “Unfortunately, today’s special stage has been cancelled. That’s a pity but it goes without saying that safety must be the top priority. Everybody must be considered: the motorbike riders, the amateurs… Now I only hope that we can race tomorrow.”

Nani Roma: “This is a weird start into the Dakar. Yesterday, we covered just 11 kilometres but nonetheless, it was good to get rid of the entire tension built up during the preparations. The prologue went well for us. I feel comfortable in the car and today’s stage would have been a good stage for our car – but there was just too much rain. Even at the start, everything was flooded.”

Orlando Terranova: “The rain was torrential. I already detected the black clouds during the liaison section and said to myself that the special stage would become difficult. Now we hope for tomorrow. We will be in another region , then, and who knows… perhaps we will be luckier, there.”

Mikko Hirvonen: “Yes, our initial position for today was really good but unfortunately, we aren’t able to change the weather conditions. It was raining a lot and torrentially and the water was just everywhere. So, we still will be in a promising situation, tomorrow. And I trust in our car – even if the conditions should get muddy.”