Moving towards the highest achievable goal: Riwald Dakar Team and Pascal de Baar join forces


For the last four years, Pascal de Baar has been behind the development of the Renault truck that was built by Mario Kress of MRK in the Czech Republic. With several beautiful legs and final rankings in the Dakar Rally, the Silk Way Rally, Oilibya Rally and the Morocco Desert Challenge, Renault has shown that it has a lot of potential.

Different road to Rome

For the next two years the Riwald Dakar Team, with Gert Huzink and Pascal de Baar, will get the most out of Renault. Collaborating is the best option and that is exactly what De baar and the Riwald Dakar Team, under the inspiring leadership of Edwald Huzink, will do. As Pascal de Baar nicely phrased: “MKR, Renault Trucks and ourselves are the proof that there’s always another road leading to Rome. Without an extremely large budget, but with the right attitude and a relatively small team, we have undergone a unique development!”

Riwald Dakar Team expands

Pascal de Baar regarding his transfer to the Riwald Dakar Team: “The truck as well as the sponsors -who invariably continue to believe in us - deserve the most ideal conditions to ensure the best results. I believe I can create more opportunities with the Riwald Dakar Team in order to achieve our objectives. The team in the cab will remain unchanged with Wouter de Graaf and Martin Roesink.”

Gert Huzink is delighted with the addition to his team. “We are all on the same track. We are aware that the Renault truck, constructed by MRK, will lead us to victory. As we aim to reach the highest level, collaborating with Pascal de Baar is invaluable because Pascal has also been closely involved in the construction of the racing truck. Next to this, we get along very well and the mutual goodwill is great.”

Ewald Huzink: “As team manager I’ve also made clear that there are no team orders in our team. Both Pascal and Gert are our team leaders and are allowed to drive for their own account. In the coming year, the fast assistance will be provided by Ed Wigman in the Ginaf.”

Attendance at Silk Way Rally 2017

De Baar will drive with a newly constructed Renault under the auspices of the Riwald Dakar Team. The Riwald Dakar Team will attend the Silk Way Rally with two Renault race trucks. Gert Huzink and Pascal de Baar will both be behind the wheels. 

The Silk Way Rally 2017 will start on July 7 in Moscow, and will lead the competitors along a diversity of landscapes towards the finish on 22 July in Xi’an, China.



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