High expectations for Gerard de Rooy and Wuf van Ginkel


Paste the last stickers, wash the trucks, some tinkering with the installation of the GPS, but then Petronas Team De Rooy Iveco could go to the scrutineering for the Africa Eco Race. After a thorough preparation, Gerard de Rooy and Wuf van Ginkel have high hopes for the rally that will start in Monaco tomorrow.

Team De Rooy goes for nothing less than the victory in the Africa Eco Race. Gerard de Rooy is therefore at the start with his familiar Powerstar, while Wuf van Ginkel will drive with the new Powerstar Evo, with independent suspension. “In terms of competition, the Dakar Rally in South America is stronger”, De Rooy admits. “My main rivals are there. Still, for this year. But the fun is in the Africa Eco Race. I hope that next year we can combine both: the fun and the competition.”

For De Rooy, the challenge now is to win the general classification, and in the route. “The first few days of the rally, the stages in Morocco, are familiar ground for us. I am especially looking forward to the second week, to the stages in Mauritania. In the past, when the Dakar Rally was still in Africa, I’ve been there four or five times and that is really nice. A lot of sand, nice drive and a nice rally, that’s what I look forward to.”

For Wuf van Ginkel, the same applies. He also knows Mauritania from the 'old Dakar'. “The preparation was good, the trucks are good, the route looks good. So yes: I do have high expectations. Driving a truck with independent suspension through the dunes is very special. So I especially look forward to the driving and certainly with this truck.”

Tomorrow morning is the podium start of the Africa Eco Race in Monaco. The participants and the assistance then drive straight to the boat that takes them to Morocco, where the first stage will be on January 2nd.

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